I am a staunch advocate of school choice and expanding access to excellent education for every family regardless of their income, zip code, or prior educational history. We must eradicate woke teaching practices that tell children to judge one another by their skin color and instead focus on individual and academic achievement regardless of one’s inalienable characteristics.

Arizona should have the best schools in the nation and every family should have choices at every level of education to best fit their needs and values. I will oppose all attempts by the radical left to force children into a one-size-fits-all system and to implement politicized content into our curricula. We need to educate children on skills to succeed in the next generation of the workforce – not simply how to be social justice warriors.

A nation with no borders is no nation at all. We must enhance our border security, negotiate with the native communities, and do whatever we can to finish the wall. It is a national security threat to have unvetted military aged men crossing into Arizona by the hundreds of thousands. We need to fund enhanced border security at the state level and to demand changes at the federal level when it comes to processing illegal aliens.

In 2023, Arizona had a $400 million dollar deficit. This deficit was in large part due to the advancement of numerous lobbyist-originated bills which bloated our budget and funded billions of dollars of one-off pet projects. My opponent pushed through more one-off pet projects for lobbyists than any other legislator in the entire State House, and I want to put an end to the excessive spending.

We cannot keep electing faux-Republicans who promise fiscal conservatism while delivering massive government spending. I would be honored to serve on the Appropriations committee where I would aim to trim down and defeat excessive spending bills.

To put it simply: if the budget isn’t balanced, it shouldn’t pass. We must be proactive in maintaining a balanced budget.

The Rio Verde crisis should never have occurred. We must begin to implement policies that make sense and develop a supply-and-demand system when it comes to water allocation.

Currently, rental builds are not required to receive a 100 year water guarantee while homes for sale are required to receive the 100 year water guarantee. This “loophole” exacerbates both the housing crisis and water issues across the state and ought to be amended.

Additionally, the Colorado River Compact does Arizona no favors. In continued negotiations between the seven partner states, we must be unwavering in our demands for Arizonan priority of the lower Colorado.

Ensuring public safety is a top priority as a candidate for the AZ State House. The recent surge in crime rates has left our communities feeling vulnerable, and it’s imperative that we take decisive action to address this pressing issue. As a Republican, I believe in the importance of upholding law and order to create safer neighborhoods for our families.

I am committed to advocating for policies that strengthen the collaboration between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. This involves providing our police officers with the resources and training necessary to effectively combat crime while fostering a sense of trust and cooperation among residents. Additionally, I will work towards implementing measures that address the root causes of criminal behavior, such as investing in education and community programs that provide alternatives to a life of crime. Together, we can build a safer Arizona where every citizen can feel secure in their homes and communities.

Eliminating corruption is a critical objective that requires unwavering dedication to upholding the principles of transparency, accountability, and ethical governance. As a Republican candidate for the AZ State House, I recognize the detrimental impact that corruption can have on our government and its ability to serve the people effectively. I am committed to implementing robust measures to root out corruption at all levels of government and restore the public’s faith in our democratic institutions.

To achieve this goal, I will champion initiatives that promote transparency in government processes, ensuring that decisions are made openly and with the best interests of the public in mind. Implementing strong oversight mechanisms and stringent ethical standards for public officials is paramount to building a system that is resilient to corruption. Additionally, I will work towards closing loopholes that may be exploited for personal gain and advocate for comprehensive campaign finance reform to reduce the influence of money and lobbyists in politics. By taking these steps, we can create a government that truly serves the people, free from the taint of corruption.

Securing our electoral process is fundamental to upholding the integrity of our democracy. I am deeply committed to ensuring that our elections are conducted in a fair, transparent, and secure manner. Recent concerns about election integrity underscore the need for comprehensive measures to safeguard the electoral system.

I advocate for implementing and strengthening voter ID laws to verify the identity of voters, a common-sense measure to protect against potential fraud. Additionally, I support measures to enhance the security of our voting infrastructure, including regular audits and updates to safeguard against cyber threats. By collaborating with election officials and relevant experts, we can establish robust protocols that instill confidence in the electoral process so neither side has any questions about the results.

Furthermore, promoting civic education and awareness will empower voters and contribute to a more informed electorate. It is essential to strike a balance between accessibility and security, ensuring that every eligible citizen has the opportunity to participate in our democratic process while maintaining the utmost vigilance against any attempts to compromise the integrity of our elections.


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