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Jerry Sheridan

Former Chief Deputy County Sheriff

“I support Susan Black for State House Representative in Legislative District 28. I have come to know Susan as a hardworking conservative that has the best interests of her constituents in mind. Her desire to keep Arizona residents safe and protect their freedoms are something I can get behind and support. There is no more important role for any member of government than this. Susan is committed to working hard for you. Please join me and support Susan Black for Arizona State House in LD28.”

Jake Hoffman

Arizona State Senator - District 15. Chair of the Freedom Caucus.

“I am happy to support and endorse Susan Black as a Conservative Voice for the right leaning leadership Candidate as State Representative in Legislative District 28. She is in complete alignment with the Freedom Caucus beliefs and supports pro growth, accountability and limited government policies in Arizona. Additionally, the Constitution and the rule of law, and policies that promote the liberty, safety and prosperity of all Americans. Her prior leadership roles have proven her priorities as a servant for the people. She is an America First candidate and I look forward to her successful future.”

Anthony Kern

Arizona State Senator - District 28. CD8 Congressional Candidate.

Ben Leonard

Pastor - Church on the Green (Sun City West)

I need your help to fight for Arizona

I need your help to win the most consequential primary of 2024. This district is a top target of corrupt lobbyists and out-of-state billionaires. I don’t have that kind of institutional support – but I have you, the grassroots. I need your help to fight back against radicalism and special interests.

I need your help to win the most consequential State House primary of 2024. Please consider donating to my campaign.