How I'm Fighting For You

$2,000,0000 for the Tohono O’odham Community College Remedial Education – PASSED!

As the State Representative for the Tohono O’odham, I have done my best to represent the values of their community at the State Capitol. In SB1720, a budget bill that passed the House and was signed by Katie Hobbs, I supported the appropriation of millions of dollars for the Tohono O’odham Community College remedial education. We should be encouraging social mobility and education in all of our communities – especially those that have been historically ignored by our capitol.

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Resolution to Ban Foreign Interference of AZ Farmland – PASSED!

It has become an increasing worry for many Arizonans as foreign investors acquire more United States agricultural land. Currently, over 37 million acres of US farmland are held by foreign investors with China’s investment increasing from under 14,000 acres in 2010 to more than 350,000 acres in 2020. HR2002 attempts to address this issue.

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Memorial on Forest Management – PASSED!

Federal management of Arizona’s forests has led to a drastic 15% reduction in tree cover over the past two decades and an uptick in forest fires. This is unsustainable and will lead to the erosion of our natural beauty here in Arizona if left unchecked. The Arizona State House passed HCM2004 with bipartisan support- encouraging the United States Congress to enact sound forest management policies in national forest service lands.

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Memorial on Land Acquisition for Housing – PASSED!

Arizona is currently facing a housing crisis. Part of this crisis is due to a lack of buildable land across our state in certain communities. HCM2002, a Memorial that I voted for, passed and encourages our federal government to sell underused federal lands to state and local governments for the purpose of residential builds.

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Text Solicitation Ban – PASSED!

Nobody likes being bombarded by unsolicited text messages from spammers and scammers. I supported and voted for HB2498, a bill introduced by my colleague Republican Representative Gail Griffin. This bill, which bans unsolicited text messages in Arizona, passed with bipartisan support and was signed into law by Katie Hobbs.

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Requirements for Reporting Missing Children – PASSED!

HB2651, sponsored by my colleague Representative Barbara Parker, received overwhelming bipartisan support as it was signed into law. This bill will help with our missing foster children crisis in Arizona while helping to combat child trafficking and fight for all children to be able to grow up safe and soundly in the state of Arizona.

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Police Dog Emergency Care Bill – PASSED!

Each ambulance service is now required to authorize the service’s properly trained emergency medical care technicians (EMCTs) to provide emergency treatment to police dogs and to transport them to a veterinary clinic or hospital equipped to provide emergency equipment to dogs.

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I need your help to fight for Arizona

I need your help to win the most consequential primary of 2024. This district is a top target of corrupt lobbyists and out-of-state billionaires. I don’t have that kind of institutional support – but I have you, the grassroots. I need your help to fight back against radicalism and special interests.

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