Susan Black

Candidate for Arizona House of Representatives LD 28


Candidate for Arizona House of Representatives LD 28




I’m a conservative Republican who will fight to keep Arizonans safe, prosperous, and free from constant government interference. Please vote for me in the August 2nd primary. Our state needs leaders who will put Arizona residents first. That’s my mission.


  • Border Security
  • Create Economic Prosperity
  • Support Voter ID Legislation
  • Improve Education for The Next Generation
  • Fight Rising Crime Rates

About Susan Black

  • Small business owner for 25 years
  • Founding member of Hope Church and Serving on the Board of Directors as President for 9 years
  • Wife of a veteran
  • Mother of 5 children
  • Founding Member of Christian Business Connection
  • Local Precinct Committeeman for 2 years
  • Founding member of Adams Traditional Academy serving on the Board of Directors for 5 years.

As a Professional Realtor, my priorities are to serve others, and to create relationships that grow for the benefit of my clients and for my business. I am a capitalist who believes that markets with minimal governmental interference produce the best standard of living available in the world today. But we have to fight to preserve our right of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” that our founding fathers gave us.


Special Endorsements

State Rep. Jake Hoffman, Founding Chairman of the Arizona Freedom Caucus

John Fillmore - House Of Representatives LD7

300* + Committee for Constitutionally Conservative Candidates

Arizona Republican Assembly

Paid for SUSAN BLACK for Arizona House of Representatives LD 28